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Launched in 2013 as a community for unique and imperfect people who loves makeup, fashion, food, fun and life. We believe that everyone is perfect in a certain way.

Sometimes you may feel that nothing is working around your life, but here, we hope, you find things that bring you joy, happiness and some kind of laughter.

In here you’ll find: BeautyFashion and LifeStyle as main topics, that means, we talk about makeup, hair, nails, fashion trends, food, drinks, and all kind of DIY’s

Our main goal is to be completely REAL, there’s no poses, and here you don’t have to be something you’re not. We want you to be always yourself. As P!nk says:  “Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!” Hope you stick around!!

But who came up with this space of #PerfectImperfections? GLAD YOU ASK!

Currently living between Dominican Republic and New YorkEDM was founded by Elisa Duarte Jeréz.I was born in the beautiful Dominican Republic, on June 27Th of ’83. I love makeup and fashion since I was a little kid; I start crawling and then walking on heels, my favorite’s one where my grandma's yellow sandals.

I knew eyeliner when I was two years old, I made a liiitle mistake, and put it INSIDE my eyes, so you can imagine my mom going crazy over that.

Not a fashion expert, I truly don’t know which the best clothing brand is, I only know what I like and looking but mostly FEELING good and not spending a bunch.

I like to ask people things nobody else does, I love cooking and creating stuff with things I already have at home, so I might be using a drawer as a shelf in my bathroom.

Psychologist by profession but a maker by passion. I have a BIG mouth and a handful of face expressions. When I laughing by hear you can hear my nose, and when I don’t like something you can definitely read it on my face.

I’m a dreamer, I believe in people more than I should, with a strong temper, but with a noble heart, or so my mom say’s. My Style is peculiar and unique; from fashion what I can fit in and pay.

My name is Elisa María; I’m girly, strong, big mouth and  #PerfectlyImperfect!

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